ℜobin ʜood ♐ { Ɗon’t Cry Wolf }

 Origin:        England - of Irish descent (1800s)
➳ Age:         26 (in appearance)
 Nicknames:       Steve, Rogers, Cap, Robbie, Stevie (restricted)

 Positive Traits:    Strong moral compass, Clever, Kind,
             Sincere, Loyal, Resourceful
 Negative Traits:  Stubborn, Vengeful, Loyal
 Languages:      English, Gaelic, French, learning Spanish.
 Glamour:           Yes / No
 Skills:        wide-range weapons proficiency, physical and mental prowess

                Sherwood Forest
  • raised by a single mother of a previously wealthy line
  • when his mother died, all the family debt fell on his shoulders
  • to avoid debtor’s prison, he sold off nearly all of their belongings and ran away
  • he fell in with a band of ‘thieves’ simply trying to forge a living in the forest, where he grew from a sickly city boy into a strong and able-bodied leader
  • wanting to find at least some small way to combat the corrupt structure of society, they started stealing from the rich passing through the woods. they began with simple pick-pocketing and small amounts, working their way up until they could feed a village for a year with one haul. 
                New York, New York
  • Steve works as a public defender, providing legal counsel to people who are unable to afford it for themselves. He often overworks himself, taking the responsibility of each case onto his shoulders and seeing each victory as a small triumph against corrupt law practice everywhere.
  • He still can’t stand to see bullies anywhere, and has often come to work with a black eye because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.


Cory Doctorow, For the Win

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So I used this generator and got the most obvious response.

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Anon requested AUs. I choose to focus on AUs with no superpowers.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Like Me Yet: In which Steve Rogers, university lecturer and part-time eco-warrior, recovers from being shot. In which Bucky Barnes, NYPD homicide detective, comes to terms with domesticity. In which Captain America, Steve Rogers’ dog, supposes there’s room for Bucky too.

I Spoke About Wings; You Just Flew: Bucky Barnes lives downstairs from Steve Rogers and embarks on the clumsiest seduction known to man.

His Heart Is Warm, But It’s Burn He Wants: Neighbours AU: Bucky moves into a building in Brooklyn and encounters a frail young man, called Steve Rogers. Unfortunately, Bucky doesn’t understand the significance of this.

When The Sun Sets On Dark Silhouettes: Bucky is taken on a mission, and Steve will go against every order to find him. CIA AU.

If Your Bones Made It Home Alright: Making it back from the war is not the same as making it back alive, but it’s a start. Mechanic AU.

Counting Backwards While The Stars Are Falling: But tonight’s different, Bucky knows it before he’s even completely asleep, because in that half-aware space somewhere between dreaming and consciousness he feels his skin prickling, his chest clenching like he’s lost something and he doesn’t know what it is, never even had it, and as oblivion overtakes him, all Bucky sees is the same face he’s seen in his dreams for years.

Shrieking Guns And Out Of Tune: Steve’s life is slowly getting better after the war. He gets better, he has friends, he drinks, he bakes. And then Bucky returns.

From Across The Distant Shore: Steve Rogers is dying and, to distract him or to give him hope, he and Bucky tell each other far-fetched stories about a world in which they’re superheroes, who save each other, over and over.

Captain Hot Perfect Teacher: Steve is a fifth grade teacher. Bucky is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, whose son is in Steve’s class. They meet at a parent-teacher conference. There’s blood involved.

Hotel Service: The one where Bucky is one of the reception staff in an upmarket hotel and Steve’s a wealthy businessman who stays there regularly. They’re involved in a heavy flirtation but neither of them have quite gotten up the courage yet to take the next step.

The Heart Is Hard To Find: Steve is gorgeous, tall and blond and built like a football player. And he talks to Bucky like a real person, not some caricature to appease. Politisions!son AU.

At The Other End (Of The Line): Bucky should have known better than to call the number Clint gave him.

In Poison Places, We Are Anti-venom: "From what I gather, it pretty much works like ordering a pizza," Sharon says, completely straight-faced. Bucky is honestly not sure which one of them feels more like knocking themselves unconscious to escape this conversation.

Where The Circle Ends: In which the world has gone to hell in a zombie apocalypse handbasket and, in the middle of it all, Steve finds the one person he never thought he’d see again. Angst and feelings (amongst other things) ensue.

Like Setting Off Fire Crackers At Midnight: Everyone who knows the Captain America story thinks they know the Bucky Barnes story. In the 21st century, Steve is still keeping Bucky’s secrets. Girl!Bucky AU.

Deep As A Secret Nobody Knows: To be fair, Steve is moderately drunk the first time. Not smashed, but drunk enough to make Tony and Clint’s ideas sound brilliant and hilarious.

Cards To Your Heart: The one where Bucky is an Iraq war vet working at a coffee shop and Steve is the starving art student he falls in love with.

So How Come I Feel So Lonely When You’re Up Getting Down?: Steve Rogers, architect, goes to a strip club under duress. He doesn’t expect to see a familiar face on stage. (Tony Stark’s resultant and incessant teasing is, however, entirely expected.)

If This Isn’t A Kingdom Then I Don’t Know What Is: “Punk,” Bucky bites back fondly, putting a warm hand on his arm conciliatory. He leaves his hand there a little too long for a casual gesture, and Steve’s breath seems to hitch in his throat. “Can’t leave. God, Steve. You know I’m with you. ‘Till the end of the line.” Princess Bride-ish AU

Before The Sun Starts To Burn: In a town where corruption runs rife, there’s no shortage of suspects when billionaire businessman Tony Stark discovers his latest weapon designs are missing. His assistant puts him in touch with Peggy Carter, who runs a detective agency with the help of her assistant Darcy. Using her contacts - two of the last good cops left in town, Steve Rogers and his partner Bucky Barnes, and the morally ambiguous Natasha and Clint, who can’t decide which side of the law they fall on - Peggy has a new case to solve that might prove her most challenging yet.

Like a Plane Crash That Never Hits the Ground: Bucky finds himself cock blocked by Steve Rogers. Which is unfortunate, since it’s Steve’s pants he’s trying to get into. (Or the meta one where they’re making a movie about the Winter Soldier and Steve’s the Ice King.)

Off By A Thousand Miles: Bucky, a Brooklyn-based cop, has his head turned by Steve Rogers, who’s just opened up a flower shop in his neighbourhood. It all goes horribly wrong when a string of murders leads to Steve being the prime suspect.

Magnetic: The one where American-born, Russian based swimmer Bucky Barnes is Steve Roger’s number one rival for Olympic gold. In which Steve and Bucky are good friends despite the media’s attempt at rivalry beat up and Steve has a lot of feelings.

The Way The Guillotine Wears Gravity: The first day of teaching when he’s walking to his first class that morning, with boys who look so impossibly young even though Steve is barely out of college himself, he feels like he’s walking to his own execution. Funny how that works out. Teacher-Student AU

As We Drifted Towards The Storm: Bucky straddles Steve’s hips and he looks down at Steve’s back, trying to follow all the lines and images and figure out what they all mean. Steve’s head rests on his arms and he’s smiling, letting Bucky explore. Without asking, Bucky knows that each line of ink Steve has, has some meaning to him. Except with whatever their relationship is, Bucky isn’t sure he has a right to ask. A few nights together doesn’t make them lovers, or dating or even friends.

He only has two days before his leave is up but for the first time he can remember, he doesn’t want his leave to end. He wants to stay in Steve’s bed, watching the other man sketch, listen to him talk about the people they get in the shop.

I Don’t Sleep (I Dream): When Thor Odinson hires extractor Steve Rogers to perform an extraction and an inception on his brother Loki he knows he is going to need the best in the business. His team, however, is scattered after an accident left them minus a member. While the rest of his team prepares for the jobs of their lives Steve is haunted by the shade of Bucky Barnes. Will the best team in the business be able to perform two jobs on a single target or will Bucky follow through with his promise to ruin their reputations and their lives? And what of Thor’s strange brother, Loki and what lies in his twisted subconscious?

To Love Some Is A Heavy Cross (But You Are Lovely Without Twists): These are the things Steve learns about Bucky. Prostitute!Bucky 

More Than A Good Time: Steve’s trying to protect himself from another broken heart. Bucky’s just trying to get into Steve’s pants, until it’s more than that.

Step By Step: Bucky is thirteen when the first kaiju attacks.This is what happens next.

The Stars Are Bound To Change: "Russian prodigy," Sharon chimes in but it seems to crack Bucky’s shell and he actually gives them a small derisive smile. "News lapped it up. American skating for Russia. How devastating and so on, usual crap." She waves one hand dismissively.


Cold Hand, Warm Heart

painted by Anne Terkelsen


Another outing for Bucky Barnes. Looking a little pensive, but getting comfortable in his own skin at last. Not to mention his shirt ;-)

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omg i was fooling around with gif making and the loop makes it look like they’re playing a really intense game of frisbee.


Apparently Steve’s been executing this move since forever.

[Credit: Captain America Comics #4, “Ivan the Terrible”, Jack Kirby]


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